DIGISOL launches Wireless (Wi-Fi) Security Camera for Smart Home/Office Surveillance

DIGISOL launches Wireless (Wi-Fi) Security Camera for Smart Home/Office Surveillance

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DIGISOL Systems Ltd.  announced the release of the new Wireless Pan/Tilt IP camera for use in home/office security and monitoring applications. The DIGISOL DG-SC3600W is an ideal solution for Home/Office Security. The packaging for camera includes all mounting accessories for easy installation of the camera on wall/ceiling. The camera installation is plug-n-play using APP on your phone. The APP connects the camera with your existing Wi-Fi/Internet connection and thus the camera can be viewed online through cloud. It also has a MicroSD Card Slot for MicroSD storage (up to 64GB). The recordings will be stored in the MicroSD card and can be playback/retrieved using the APP. The Camera has IR LED for clear Night Vision view in absolute darkness. The PAN/TILT function of the camera gives maximum coverage of the area under surveillance.

DIGISOL’s unique and highly-flexible camera, allows you to create your own video monitoring network that can be viewed remotely from your computer and most smartphones and tablets. DIGISOL IP camera offers home users a cost effective surveillance alternative to traditional analogue CCTV units, which are expensive to install and are outdated technology.

“The DIGISOL Wireless IP Camera is a great solution for those looking to add surveillance to their home or office with latest technology and optimized cost” said Mandar Joshi, Head Channel Business, DIGISOL Systems Ltd. “Working professionals who have young ones or elderly parents at their residence and want to ensure their safety, but are reluctant to install surveillance either due to price, maintenance or technology know how. DIGISOL is offering the Wireless Security Camera which is easy to installation/configure and maintenance free.”