“ Women and Technology have always been a rare combination and unfortunately...

“ Women and Technology have always been a rare combination and unfortunately it has not changed much over the years ”

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A woman can occupy any post of its highest kind in the corporate. The enthusiasm that a woman executive exuberates is infectious and induces positive vibes in the organization. In an interaction with Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar, CEO and Co-Founder, Evoxyz Technologies, reveals some interesting facts.

How women at managerial posts are viewed by your organisation?

We believe in the fact that it’s the people who make the organizations great irrespective of the cast, creed or the gender they belong to. Women in our organization hold top leaderships position right from the board room to project execution. We at Evoxyz have cultivated a culture of equal opportunity and intend to encourage this more and more as we grow further.

How do you see your ‘role sets’ evolving in the IT world?

Women and technology have always been a rare combination and unfortunately it has not changed much over the years. The good news is that with a global platform to play on and awareness for gender inclusivity, more and more women are coming in the forefront. Being an entrepreneur I strongly believe that my “role sets” are not biased by gender. They are completely based on Merit and performance. In the IT world the “role sets” for company leader have evolved in such a way that today in addition to participating  in the company’s strategy formulation, decision making, operations , market penetration and expansion, we also contribute to the velocity i.e. speed with direction of technology growth.

How a woman can execute challenging tasks, and can bring desired
results in corporate world?

I believe that women have this enormous power of multi-tasking various tasks irrespective of the fact that they are challenging or mundane. This has ensured that if given an opportunity they not only perform well but excel in most of the tasks.

Do you think, a woman at decision-making position can understand the channel issues more sensitively?

Well I feel that decision-making is like any other skill some develop it some are born with it. It has nothing to do with the Gender. Overall, all issues need to be sensitively handled both by men and women

What type of challenges are you faces in corporate business?

Well, I am lucky to be a part of the transition generation where A Woman is getting more and more opportunities to excel in their professional work. As a woman the only challenge I face sometimes is the limited capability to establish an instant rapport as the other side may not take you seriously. On the contrary I sometimes feel that being a Woman sometimes helps, as even if there are no synergies, out of respect the potential customers give you a patient hearing and it gives a better chance for me to give our pitch.

Being a woman, how did you balance between your family, relationships and work?

Well, I feel work; life balance is an overrated term. The definition of balance is subjective and it completely depends on your circumstances and may change with time. With an 11 year independent child who appreciates an Entrepreneur mother and an extremely good support system of friends at work as well as family at home I feel I have never felt the need to mention my struggles.

What are your future plans?

Evoxyz currently is bootstrapped with its own funds. We intend to launch our new Child Safety product lines in the first quarter of year 2017. It will be built once again on our IoT platform. We are looking to raise capital for developing the Child Safety Market and establish ourselves as leader in the domain. The next few years will also definitely see people realizing the power of our IoT Platform.