The 16th NCN-ICT India Channel Partners Summit 2024
on 28th June 2024 at , New Delhi

NCN, a leading B2B ICT Trade Media with over 2 decades of presence in the industry, is conducting its which will be attended by leading partners including vendors, distributors, SIs and other partners from different segments of the ICT industry.

The event will include 4 engaging Panel Discussions on topics related to the ICT industry—Opportunities in the Segment; Technology Trends in the ICT segments (including Networking, Storage, Datacenters, Security); The Shift of ICT Industry from Product-Selling to Value-Addition and Solution-Providing; and the Trends in the Distribution Business and the Critical Role Played by Regional and National ICT Associations in Helping the Partners and Driving the Industry. During the Panel Discussions, eminent industry experts and executives from the leading brands in the ICT industry will share their insights, ideas and suggestions on how to win the business game in the midst of market-slowdown and increasing competition.

The industry is set to witness a phenomenal growth in the coming years. Digital India and Smart Cities are still in their initial stages of expansion are set to offer enormous opportunities to the entrepreneurs and partners. The 16th NCN-ICT INDIA Summit 2024 is an ideal platform for the vendors and partners to understand the latest technology trends, market dynamics and business techniques and learn new information and ways to drive their businesses forward.

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16th NCN ICT INDIA Summit 2024 & The Panel Discussions

In each panel will include the leading brand owners, executives, experts and entrepreneurs from the ICT industry.

Inspiring Action for a Brighter

Opportunities & Challenges in the Digital space

Today, digital is one of the fastest growing segments in India and offers a plethora of opportunities. The segment has evolved into a mainstream professional sport from just a pastime activity becoming a primary source of entertainment globally and has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. This is mainly due to the increasing zeal among the youth to play immersive games, rising number of online and offline tournaments, introduction of IoT into digital , the continuous technological advancements in this space and the companies offering fabulous prizes amounting to millions of rupees to attract and encourage gamers. The increasing number of tournaments and cafes is the proof of the expanding opportunities for the vendors and partners in this segment. This Panel Discussion analyses how the segment is evolving and growing and the opportunities the new scenario offers vendors and partners.

The Latest ICT Technologies, the Changing Business Dynamics and their Impact on Vendor-Partner Ecosystem

Many companies are now planning hybrid working models - a combination of remote and on-site working in which some employees work on the premises, while others work from home. Technology and automation are playing a major role in driving organizational changes. Legacy IT is transitioning towards cloud computing, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and smart automation; and IoT has contributed to a generational transformation. Advances in the network connectivity, new digital devices and the software solutions are redefining the way people do business today. This Panel Discussion focuses on the latest technologies in networking communications, operations and supply systems and how vendors and partners should adapt to changes and improve their businesses.

How to Take Your Distribution to the Next Level in Today’s Dynamic Business Scenario!

Distributors are the extended arms of the vendors. The right distributors, an effective distribution strategy and a robust distribution network are indispensable for a vendor to be successful in fast changing market scenarios. Also, choosing the right vendors, brands and products is the key to the success of a distributor. This Panel Discussion probes deeper into the latest trends in the distribution business, how to leverage the online sales systems –own portals and the third party ecommerce portals, the essential properties of a successful distribution strategy and how distributors can improve their bottomline.

How the ICT Associations Resolve the Issues of Vendors and Partners and Negotiate with the Government

Today, the ICT Associations are playing a key role in negotiating with the governments regarding policy matters and even in getting the govt decisions reversed or amended in favor of the industry players. Associations are also resolving the issues arising between partners and vendors. This discussion throws light on how partners can benefit by being connected to the ICT associations and by fighting unitedly. The ICT associations are also educating the partners and giving them new ideas about how to survive and grow in the current scenario of rapid changes and cutthroat competition.

THE 16th NCN ICT INDIA Summit 2024

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THE 16th NCN ICT INDIA Summit 2024

  • What are the new Technologies & Innovations in the ICT industry?
  • How big is the Gaming industry in India?
  • Why is AI important to the future of business?
  • How can an ICT distributor advance in business?
  • What is the Role of ICT Associations in the Industry?

The 16th NCN Innovative Product Awards 2024 is an annual recognition event conducted by NCN Magazine where the performers in the ICT industry will be awarded for their performances and contributions during the year 2023.

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